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The values we bring to every project are primarily focused on people, integrity, safety and commitment.


Cheever recognizes the most important asset to any contractual relationship is people. People create the environment for a rewarding work place and that is why we make extra effort to attract and retain talented professional in our team. From our management through the field operations, each of our team leaders has more than 15 years in the industry. The mutual respect with our clients forms the foundation for success in every project.


At Cheever Development Corporation, integrity is a guiding cornerstone that we emphasize through quality, honesty and hard work. Our business is based on trust and the highest possible ethical standards, and we demand the same from our trade contractors, design professionals and others who conduct business with us.


An injury-free work place is a win-win for all involved in our projects. Cheever Development Corporation strives hard to maintain the safest workplace possible for our clients, trade persons, employees and the general public. Through regular monitoring, training and education programs by our site safety managers, we provide our employees with the tools and resources they need to identify and correct potential risks before it compromises safety and lives on our projects.


Our commitment to every project is client driven. Our personal attention to client needs and finding solutions that best achieves their goals are the distinction you find in us, comparable to our competitors. Every client is a respected friend and potential development partner for the next project, and we treat them as such.


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